A poetic take on addictions, and the longing and need that shape one woman’s search for relief.

In Grain 46:1, Fall 2018

“The Poet’s Soul is Two-Faced: A 21st Century Translation.”

An unorthodox project using Google to translate the poetry of my grandfather, Anatolii Gudzenko, uncovers family secrets.

In The Antigonish Review 185, Spring 2016

“The Cyclone that Changed the Course of History.” 

The deadliest tropical cyclone in world history hit the coast of Bangladesh in the night on November 12, 1970. It changed the course of history in South Asia.

In The Independent Weekend Magazine, 6 November 2015.

“On Seeing Tilda Again.” 

A TV journalist appears to have it all together until a lie from her distant past is discovered and begins to unravel everything.

In Atlas 02, 2007.


Based on a tiny news article, the story revolves around the invasion of a home in Gurgaon, India by a wild boar.

In The New Quarterly 98, Spring 2006.

“Beneath the Sheet.” 

Two teenage girls dress up for Hallowe’en, one as a sex worker, the other in a burqa.

In Prism international 42:2, Winter 2004.

“The Apprentice.”

A diamond-cutter from Yerevan, Armenia comes to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada to work in the diamond industry. 

In This Magazine, Spring 2004.

“Brave New Land.” 

A potential new immigrant from Russia to Canada has a sort of epiphany during a Bingo game in St. John’s, Newfoundland. 

In The Antigonish Review 137, Spring 2004.

“Flesh Surrendered.”

A woman’s cosmetic surgery evokes memories of her relationships with her father and stepfather.

In The Fed Anthology: Brand New Fiction & Poetry from the Federation of BC Writers, Susan Musgrave, Ed., 2003.

“Feeding the Gracklings.”

A woman battling an eating disorder has to deal with her mother’s death. 

In The Harpweaver, Autumn 2001.